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This is going to be a truly remarkable story of one young man’s dream to enter the history books of polar expeditions and despite his challenge being of a solo nature, Tim welcomes any support, questions, advice or a simple line of encouragement as he prepares himself for his north pole expedition. If you’d like to get in touch then you can contact Tim using the form below and play your own part in polar history.

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About Tim

Tim Williamson

  • Age: 25
  • Lives: Newcastle
  • Works: University Lab technician
  • First adventure: Running Hadrian’s Wall for the first time. I was chased by a bull and had to vault a fence
  • Biggest Fear: Heights
  • Greatest strength: Running!
  • Greatest accomplishment: Finishing 2nd in the 2012 Yukon Arctic Ultra with a fractured tibia
  • Most valued piece of kit: My down-filled jacket. It’s a little worn around the cuffs but it’s a life-saver.
  • Greatest ambition: I just want to make the most of the time I have, wherever that leads me.
  • Greatest inspiration: My Dad. He’s really shown me what hard work and grafting is all about.
  • Thing you enjoy least about extreme Ultrarunning: The downhill parts – they destroy the legs!
  • Biggest lesson learned: Have patience, even when everything’s going against you.
  • Ethos I want to push things, make waves, cause some headaches. I always want to find the ragged edge, and take it a little further.
  • Sum up training in 3 words: sweat, pain, endorphins
  • Personal motto? Wear out, don’t rust out.