A New Adventure

A New Adventure

Posted by Tim Williamson

This is my first post about my upcoming North Pole expedition so I thought I’d begin with a short anecdote.

It was back in February at the end of the Yukon Arctic Ultra race. I had just crossed the finish line dead on my feet and had dragged myself into a town hall which we had taken over when the race director strode up to me with an exasperated look on his face;

“Tim, this guy – Adrian – from Chillisauce has been leaving me loads of messages. He’s been going crazy. He keeps asking me about you. You’re going to have to call him…”

As I peeled off my ice-encrusted gaiters, I was too exhausted to realise this could be the beginning of a partnership that just months later, is attempting a Polar expedition further, faster and greener than any that has gone before.

This challenge requires a lot of radical thinking – for example, the first month of the expedition will be in darkness so charging electronics with solar energy will be impossible until the sun rises at the end of arctic winter. And then there’s the distance – 2,200 miles of arctic sea ice. It’s rough stuff and my clothing and equipment will take a battering out there. With no air drops and no resupply of any kind, I have to be self-sufficient for 100 days or more.

Without the support I’ve had from the guys at Chillisauce, this would still be a dream. Their enthusiasm has really kept this going and I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of people helping me through all the background work.

But like always, the biggest well of support and excitement comes from the public who take it to another level. Like my colleagues at Newcastle University who had followed my progress every mile of my Yukon race and then almost mobbed me on my first day back at work. Or the delivery guy who asked if I was ‘that arctic bloke off the telly,’ I’ve even had a complete stranger leave me a message through Facebook saying I made him proud to be British. To this day, people are still asking how my leg is and what my plans are in this new adventure.

It all means more to me than words can express.


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